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Internal Medicine Flashcard

What could have caused this weight loss?

24 May 2016
Author(s): Rachid Mahmoudi, Patrick Manckoundia, Jean Luc Novella

An 87-year-old woman was hospitalized for a productive cough, wheezing and weight loss. Her medical history included recurring aspiration pneumonia. She had intermittent dysphagia that appeared... more

Purple urine bag syndrome

22 May 2016
Author(s): Pablo Demelo-Rodríguez, I. Galán-Carrillo, Jorge del Toro-Cervera

A 83-year-old man with a history of arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and benign prostatic hyperplasia was admitted to our center for a surgical repair... more

A unique case of ascending cholangitis

2 May 2016
Author(s): Raghav Bansal, Sonam Rosberger, Maurice Policar

A 64-year-old Asian female was admitted with a 3-day history of subjective fever, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. On admission, the patient was febrile with mild abdominal tenderness on exam.... more

Letter to the Editor

Sharing (all) clinical data

28 May 2016
Author(s): Corrado Barbui

Your Editorial on clinical data sharing is of paramount relevance as it opens a forum on methodological aspects related to how clinical research will be conducted and reported in the near future [1... more

Short-term outcome of patients with history of significant coronary artery disease following acute pulmonary embolism

27 May 2016
Author(s): Marco Zuin, Gianluca Rigatelli, Giuseppe Faggian, Pietro Zonzin, Loris Roncon

Pulmonary embolism (PE) is the third leading cause of cardiovascular death after myocardial infarction and stroke [1]. As already described, patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) have a higher... more

Sharing data of clinical trials

25 May 2016
Author(s): Domenico Prisco, Gabriele Ciuti, Elisa Grifoni, Elena Silvestri, Giacomo Emmi

We accept the solicitation to express opinions on the proposal from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) about sharing data generated by interventional clinical trials among... more

Rapid hypoglycemia onset associated with antimicrobial use in patients with diabetes: A nationwide population-based case-crossover study

24 May 2016
Author(s): Yung-Chih Wang, Yung-Tai Chen, Shu-Chen Kuo, Te-Li Chen, Feng-Yee Chang

Dear editor,

Sensitization patterns in immigrants to Genoa: The relevance of origin

24 May 2016
Author(s): Giorgio Ciprandi, Paola Comite, Irene Mori, Francesca Ferrero, Vincenzo Fontana, Marco Bruzzone, Michele Mussap

Immigration is a social phenomenon that notably affects affluent countries and may have relevant impact on health of both residents and immigrants, mainly concerning allergy. About immigrants,... more

First venous thromboembolism in admitted patients younger than 50years old

23 May 2016
Author(s): Anne-Laure Roupie, Antoine Dossier, Tiphaine Goulenok, Anne Perozziello, Thomas Papo, Karim Sacre

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is uncommon in young adults [1,2]. The aim of this study was to define the frequency, risk factors and associated diseases in patients younger than 50 admitted with a... more

Temporal trend of hospital discharge for non alcoholic cirrhosis in Lazio Region, Italy 2000–2014

19 May 2016
Author(s): Tommaso Stroffolini, Francesco Chini, Paola Scognamiglio, Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, Massimo Arcà, Giuseppe Ippolito, Enrico Girardi

Liver cirrhosis is a chronic disease characterized by a large burden of complications such as ascites, bacterial peritonitis syndrome, bleeding for rupture of esophageal varices, encephalopathy,... more

Comparison of blood coagulation factors between patients with gastrointestinal or intracranial bleeding under vitamin K antagonists

18 May 2016
Author(s): F. Moustafa, J. Saint Denis, S. Laporte, P. Mismetti, J. Schmidt

Vitamin K antagonists (VKAs) are the most commonly-used anticoagulant treatments for the prevention of thrombotic and embolic events related to atrial fibrillation, venous thromboembolism (VTE), and... more

Prevalence and features of chronic viral hepatitis and HIV coinfection in Italian prisons

14 May 2016
Author(s): Cristina Stasi, Caterina Silvestri, Eleonora Fanti, Teresa Di Fiandra, Fabio Voller

The health of prisoners has complex needs, being the result of a combination of several factors. People who access the prison are at greater risk of contracting serious infections such as Hepatitis C... more

Re: Obesity or smoking: Which factor contributes more to the incidence of myocardial infarction?

11 May 2016
Author(s): Rahman Shiri

In their large cohort study, Dr. Dicker and his colleagues [1] found that obesity not only does not increase the risk of myocardial infarction (MI) in smokers, but also reduces the excess risk of MI... more

Watch out for diabetes: Less education but let’s get moving, let’s eat less!

11 May 2016
Author(s): Christiano Argano, Raffaella Mallaci Bocchio, Salvatore Corrao

The global prevalence of diabetes continues to rise. The latest estimates indicate that one in ten persons worldwide will have diabetes by 2035 [1]. It is well known that the associated... more

Letters to the Editor

Pulcinella's secret. Further hypotheses on the etiology of the double hump in an Italian 16th-century mask

18 May 2016
Author(s): Nicolò Zanchi, Giovanni Zatti, Daniele Munegato, Michele Augusto Riva

The masked performers of the Commedia dell'arte – a form of comedy that began in Italy during the sixteenth century – represent stereotypical figures that became the archetypes of many of the modern... more

Obstructive lung diseases and beta-blockers: Where do we stand?

11 May 2016
Author(s): Helena Pité, Marisa Braga da Cruz, Mário Morais-Almeida

Cardiovascular diseases are major public health problems. ß-blockers therapy is indicated for the majority of patients with heart failure and coronary artery disease (Class I, Level of Evidence: A).... more

Zika virus in saliva—New challenges for prevention of human to human transmission

11 May 2016
Author(s): Giuseppina Liuzzi, Emanuele Nicastri, Vincenzo Puro, Alimuddin Zumla, Giuseppe Ippolito

The ongoing Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreak in South and Central America has rapidly focused global attention due to its association with clusters of congenital malformations such as microcephaly, and... more

Author's Reply: Mean Platelet Volume and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

9 May 2016
Author(s): Nakarin Sansanayudh, Ammarin Thakkinstian

We read with interest the comments offered by BEYAN C and BEYAN E on our study that assessed association between MPV and cardiovascular risk factors using cross-sectional data of the Electricity... more

Non-clinical factors influencing pain intensity in cancer patients: Socio-cultural–economic status, awareness of disease and the relation with the oncologist

4 May 2016
Author(s): Oscar Corli, Andrea A. Martoni, Luca Porcu, Anna Roberto, Carmine Pinto, Valter Torri, Irene Guglieri, Vittorina Zagonel, On behalf of the EPIDEMIOLOGY STUDY OF PAIN IN ONCOLOGY (ESOPO) GROUP

The appraisal of pain is entrusted to self-evaluation by patients. In the clinical research the measure of pain intensity (PI) generally refers to a whole population examined and is expressed as a... more

Original Article

Role of cardiovascular biomarkers for the assessment of mitral stenosis and its complications

25 May 2016
Author(s): Marc Badoz, Mattia Arrigo, Bernard Iung, Gullu Amioglu, Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz, Nicolas Meneveau, Malha Sadoune, Agnes Brunette, Alexandre Mebazaa, Marie-France Seronde

Mitral stenosis (MS) may cause progressive dyspnea on exertion, pulmonary hypertension (PH), atrial fibrillation and right ventricular (RV) failure. Patients with MS presenting with change in dyspnea... more

Could lung function be modified by repeated blood donations?

25 May 2016
Author(s): Maurizio Rizzi, Andrea Cristiano, Francesca Frassanito, Claudio Macaluso, Andrea Airoldi, Silvia Vanni, Delfino Legnani

Whole blood donation consists in the removal of 10% of total blood volume (500ml). In this situation several compensatory mechanisms occur, involving sympathetic nervous system, renin–angiotensin–... more

Outcome of mechanically ventilated patients initially denied admission to an intensive care unit and subsequently admitted

24 May 2016
Author(s): Wasim Naser, Naama Schwartz, Richard Finkelstein, Naiel Bisharat

The outcome of mechanically ventilated patients initially denied admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) and subsequently admitted is unclear. We compared outcomes of patients denied ICU admission... more

Effectiveness of sulodexide might be associated with inhibition of complement system in hepatitis B virus-associated membranous nephropathy: An inspiration from a pilot trial

5 May 2016
Author(s): Yang Yang, Lu Ma, Chao Wang, Deyang Kong, YaPing Wang, Changlin Mei

The activation of complement system is associated with the development of hepatitis B virus-associated membranous nephropathy (HBV-MN) and heparin could inhibit the activation of complement system.

Predictors of clinical events occurring during hospital stay among elderly patients admitted to medical wards in Italy

4 May 2016
Author(s): Paolo Dionigi Rossi, Claudio Bilotta, Dario Consonni, Alessandro Nobili, Sarah Damanti, Maura Marcucci, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Daniela Mari, REPOSI Investigators

Clinical events occurring during hospital stay are independent predictors of prolonged hospitalization, in-hospital mortality and readmission among elderly patients admitted to medical wards.

Metabolic syndrome and acute pancreatitis

3 May 2016
Author(s): I. Mikolasevic, S. Milic, L. Orlic, G. Poropat, I. Jakopcic, N. Franjic, A. Klanac, N. Kristo, D. Stimac

The aim of our study was to investigate the influence of metabolic syndrome on the course of acute pancreatitis determined by disease severity, the presence of local and systemic complications and... more

Cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis of a population-based screening program for colorectal cancer

2 May 2016
Author(s): L. Pil, M. Fobelets, K. Putman, J. Trybou, L. Annemans

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the leading causes of cancer mortality in Belgium. In Flanders (Belgium), a population-based screening program with a biennial immunochemical faecal occult blood... more

Review Article

Narrative medicine and the personalisation of treatment for elderly patients

19 May 2016
Author(s): C. Cenci

Healthcare organisations, medical knowledge and clinical practice are among the contexts that have most strongly felt the impact of the over 75 population. This is a population of multimorbidity and... more

ADVICE for a healthier life: Adult Vaccination Campaign in Europe

12 May 2016
Author(s): Lale Ozisik, Mine Durusu Tanriover, Shirley Rigby, Serhat Unal, for the European Federation of Internal Medicine ADVICE Working Group

Immunization is one of the most effective public health measures to prevent disease. Despite relatively good vaccination rates in childhood in many parts of the world, vaccines to prevent diseases... more

Evidence-based clinical practice: Overview of threats to the validity of evidence and how to minimise them

7 May 2016
Author(s): Silvio Garattini, Janus C. Jakobsen, Jørn Wetterslev, Vittorio Bertele’, Rita Banzi, Ana Rath, Edmund A.M. Neugebauer, Martine Laville, Yvonne Masson, Virginie Hivert, Michaela Eikermann, Burc Aydin, Sandra Ngwabyt, Cecilia Martinho, Chiara Gerardi, Cezary A. Szmigielski, Jacques Demotes-Mainard, Christian Gluud

Using the best quality of clinical research evidence is essential for choosing the right treatment for patients. How to identify the best research evidence is, however, difficult. In this narrative... more

Atrial fibrillation in CKD

4 May 2016
Author(s): Luminita Voroneanu, Alberto Ortiz, Ionut Nistor, Adrian Covic

Atrial fibrillation (AF), one of the most common dysrhythmia in clinical practice, remains frequently in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). AF is associated with a fivefold risk of stroke, a... more


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